The beginning of a big journey – together through life.

Thailand & Cambodia 2016

We are (travel) soulmates and the best part of traveling together for the first time is that we bonded! EXCESSIVELY! We learned so much about each other and connected in ways we didn’t know we could. We experienced something wonderful together that is just ours and will always belong to the two of us.

Traveling as a couple is one of the best ways to make your relationship stronger and for us, it’s a mission in life.
Even before our trip I knew I was the troublemaker in our relationship. But every troublemaker needs a caretaker! Thank you for putting up with my chaos, saving my shoes, taking care of me and my passport and holding the air condition in the right temperature.

I’m looking forward to many more adventures and memories with you.
Next stop: Morocco. And afterwards: the whole world.

These memories are timeless treasures.
Adventures are forever.

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