Time away with your best friend is an emotional necessity.

Philippines – Visayas – 2016

In 2016 we picked a place well worth our cash: The Philippines turned out to be the absolute perfect destination for two adventurous but also beach-loving girls and left us with memories for a lifetime.
With more than 7.100 islands we only scratched the surface of this beautiful, unique place. The Philippines have everything to offer what you could possibly ask for: On our backpacking trip we visited 5 islands with stunning nature and from the time we stepped off the ferry, we were spellbound. Snorkel with whalesharks and green turtles, zipline across canyons, dive at the most colorful reefs, explore the island on a fourwheeler, boogie down until dawn at a hopping nightclub, or relax on the beach with a glass of white wine, enjoy a quiter, more relaxed leg in the jungle or sunbathe at deserted beaches or whatever else your heart desires!
Our trip was filled with adventure and the Philippines are a definite destination for a bucket list – even better with your best friend!